Buying Whole-Bean Coffee In Bulk

If you're going to buy your coffee in bulk, buying whole-bean is the way to go. The whole beans won't go stale nearly as quickly as pre-ground coffee. So, you'll get to enjoy the whole bag of whole-bean coffee at its best, rather than having some of it taste old. However, there are still some tips to follow when buying whole-bean coffee in bulk. Choose a neutral coffee that everyone will like. [Read More]

Planning A Special Event? 3 Tips For Getting The Catering Right

Food is really important when you are hosting an event. Food can bring your event together, giving it a common theme. Having the right food at your event can make a big difference in the overall success of your event. 1. Always Go Big With Your Headcount First, when you are planning your event, it is always best to err a little on the big side with your headcount. The last thing you want is to not have enough food for your guests. [Read More]