Buying Whole-Bean Coffee In Bulk

If you're going to buy your coffee in bulk, buying whole-bean is the way to go. The whole beans won't go stale nearly as quickly as pre-ground coffee. So, you'll get to enjoy the whole bag of whole-bean coffee at its best, rather than having some of it taste old. However, there are still some tips to follow when buying whole-bean coffee in bulk.

Choose a neutral coffee that everyone will like.

This isn't the time to buy two pounds of a really unique, single-origin, light roast. Not everyone will like such a unique coffee, which means you'll have to buy additional coffee when others come to visit. For your bulk buy, stick with something classic that everyone tends to enjoy. A medium-roast Colombian coffee tends to be a good choice. Colombian beans are known for their well-rounded flavor. They're not acidic enough to turn anyone off. In addition, a medium roast will appeal to most everyone, unlike a dark roast that some find too scorched or a light roast that's too sharp.

Take the beans out a few at a time.

When you get your bulk coffee beans, they will often be in a big, resealable bag. Remove what you'll use in a week or two from the bag, and put those beans in a separate container. You can open that container daily to access your coffee. Leave the rest of the beans sealed up in the bag, and only open it when you need to refill your everyday container. This way, the bulk of your beans will not be exposed to so much air, so they will stay fresher for longer. The beans in your smaller bag will be exposed to air each day, but that's okay since you're using them fairly frequently.

Make sure you store both containers of beans in a cool, dry place. You can even refrigerate them. 

Grind your beans daily.

Instead of grinding the coffee ahead of time, grind one serving each day. This way, the beans won't have time to become stale in their pre-ground state. Each morning, your coffee will taste fresh. A bur grinder tends to give the best results, especially with Colombian coffees, but a blade grinder will work in a pinch.

Buying coffee in bulk is a good way to save. Opt for a whole-bean, medium-roast, Colombian coffee, and follow the tips above for best results. To learn more, contact a company that provides things like 2-pound whole bean Colombian coffee beans.