Choosing A Wedding Venue While On A Budget

When planning your wedding, don't leave everything in the hands of the wedding caterer. There are important things you should decide on, on your own. For example, location. But what to do when you're on a budget and you have to pay for so many things? Well, one thing you could do is to find a venue that will charge you less. It may sound very difficult, but it really isn't. If you plan carefully, you can have "that wedding."

Make a Budget

It is important to know how much you are starting with. After you have talked with the wedding caterer and established the rates you are going to pay him or her, the venue is the next thing you should worry about regarding payments. See how much money you have and set what you want to spend for the wedding place aside. This will make it easier to spend on other things, and you will also have one thing off the list.

Look for Venues in That Budget

The internet is a great place where you can find wedding venues. There are many, at many different prices. Also, you can always ask your wedding caterer for good locations. Establish which venues are in the budget you have just made and start researching. Visit the ones you most fell in love with. See how the atmosphere is and imagine how your wedding is going to look like in that specific place.

Balance Catering and Venue Expenses

Likely, your two biggest expenses will be food and venue. Speak with your a wedding catering service to see how much money they will need, and make sure it's in balance with your venue costs.

Ask Friends and Acquaintances Where They Had Their Wedding

Many people don't want to spend a fortune on a wedding venue. If you liked one wedding you've been to, you could always ask the married couple how much they spent to have that place for the night. Your wedding caterer may also know couples who had the party in less expensive places. It's your wedding, hence your spending. Don't be shy to ask around for better prices. Lots of married couples did the same.

Ask If They Charge for Extra Hours

Some wedding venues charge if you stay to party longer than agreed. You should ask about this before closing the deal with a place. You wouldn't want to wake up just married and in debt. These are important discussions a couple should have with the venue at which they are going to party for their wedding. Make sure you put down this issue for every wedding venue that you visit.

Planning your wedding is something you should take care of, at least 30 percent. Don't leave everything on the shoulders of the wedding caterer, as they can't guess how you may really want your wedding to look like. To learn more, visit a website like